Chavurah is the spirit of the Jewish community manifested in a group of like minded people looking for ways to celebrate their heritage and their religious views together. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can all share our Jewish connection without boundaries. Chavurah is an extension and sometimes a replacement for the establishments available within the community. is dedicated to developing the Chavurot in the US and helping Jews nationwide find a place with those groups just like themselves. Below is a map of the US where clicking on any state will give you links to Chavurah resources within the state. If nothing else, this will help start your search and send you on your way. If you find links that may help this cause, send them to us here

Some Helpful Resources

the chavurah started guideThe first and most important program we wish to develop is a guide to help those interested in creating a Chavurah group of their own. We are looking for your help developing the guide. Anyone experienced in the creation/development of a Chavurah is encouraged to provide what ever input/information they have. We will support the effort in this website by building Internet applications to help automate some tasks where possible and a BLOG to allow people to post comments to help the effort.

We developed a news center for Jewish related topics from all around the Internet. This page is located here: From this page you can review the articles from major Jewish news sources as well as national news sources and click and visit any article you wish to read in full. We are building our list and hope you find this useful.

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