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  • Louisiana.html Chavurah Search site nationwide
    Kansas Chavurah · Kentucky Chavurah · Louisiana Chavurah ...
    national-havurah-committee.html national havurah committee, ...() ...(10k)

  • neal katz - contemporary. jewish. music.
    Lexington Havurah Lexington, KY ... Tyler, TX
    75701 opening for Billy Jonas

  • nd.html Chavurah Search site nationwide
    Havurah Of South Florida Mercury Outboards
    Troubleshooting ...... Military Service Medals .

  • Tennessee.html Chavurah Search site nationwide A Directory of Chavurot Tennessee.html ... Kansas Chavurah ·
    Kentucky Chavurah · Louisiana Chavurah ... Chavurah Search for Tennessee.html

  • Kentucky -- 11500 Jews - 0.3% of state population of 4047000
    Kentucky -- 11500 Jews - 0.3% of state population of 4047000. Jewish
    Organizations & Communties. Lexington Havurah (conservative) -- Lexington ...(7k)

  • BG Jewish lectures and workshops
    "The Enlightenment, Emancipation, And The Development of Contemporary Judaism,"
    (three lectures), Lexington, KY Havurah, May 1991 ...(15k)

  • cumberland jewish community (Crossville: live in, moving to ...
    Is anyone on here active in the community or aware of a Havurah ? I have seen it
    in the Crossville paper and wonder if anyone is involved and can tell.(111k)

  • || Lifestyles
    Judy Baumann is a Registered Dietitian in Lexington, Kentucky. She is vice
    president/bulletin editor of The Lexington Havurah, an independent havurah ...(2k)

  • CKJF History
    The Havurah values a participatory service in which all members ... the Central
    Kentucky Jewish Association, which changed its name a year later to Central ...(22k)

  • Communicate with other readers of the Book of Blessings
    ... is not beautiful and lasting, its just that it could improve participation
    and ownership in the havurah. ... City and State or Country: Lexington, KY ...(11k)


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