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  • atmosphereofacceptance
    ... ago to form what has become the Jewish Spirituality Network” of Southwestern
    Ohio. ... Members of the JSN Havurah share information about local resources ...
    We can all learn more about building community from the JSH Havurah by ...(8k)

  • B'nai Havurah / Shul Directory of Denver
    No Picture. B'nai Havurah 6445 East Ohio Avenue Denver, Colorado. Place your
    Synagogue AD or event here... Directions: Rabbi: Phone: 303-388-4441 ...(23k)

  • Havurah Shir Hadash - My Turn
    Lately he had begun playing ball with them and, apropos of this, remarked to me,
    "You know, I used to think baseball was a silly game - " "Oh no," I broke ...(63k)

  • Google Directory - Society > Religion and Spirituality > Judaism ...
    Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Havurah of Greater Boston meets in Newton Center,
    .... Tikvah (Cincinnati, Ohio) - ...()

  • Internet Directory
    Mail: Box 18129, Cleveland, OH 44118. Telephone: (216) 932-5551 ... URL: http:// .... Lesbian and Gay
    Havurah of the Long Beach Jewish Community Center: c/o Jewish Community Center

  • Meta-Commentary: A Cultural Way of Talking in a Jewish Community
    2009-05-26 from ... to one
    Jewish community participating in a Havurah (fellowship)—is examined for its

  • International Jewish Cemetery Project - Oregon is P'nai Or (Faces of Light) website. ...
    Source: Al Rosenfield, Columbus OH; e-mail: arosen@ee.netis the source of the
    information about ... Havurah Shalom has a cemetery located off the Sylvan Hill,

  • The Truth About Mary Kay
    "havurah", at first glance, seems to be taking a new angle on the .... Not once
    did I think, oh, she must have been a lazy looser to have ...(135k)

  • Hebrew for Christians - Sampling of Jewish Humor
    By extension, havurah. Naches: (NAKH-ess) (Yiddish) Proud pleasure or joy (
    usually over one's (grand)children). Ohev Yisrael: (oh-hev-yees-ra-EL) (Hebrew)
    A ...(36k)

  • The Legacy Heritage Innovation Project
    Each havurah will create its own social action project and function as a .....
    Kol HaLev, University Heights, OH (Reconstructionist, 170 household units) ...(40k)


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