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  • Louisiana.html Chavurah Search site nationwide
    Rhode Island Chavurah · South Carolina Chavurah · South Dakota Chavurah ... national havurah committee, .

  • Partners Task Force - Congregations Offering Ceremonies
    The Chavurah is an affiliate of the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement, which
    offers weddings for opposite-sex and ..... South Dakota — no current contacts

  • Synagogues / Shul Directory for Denver and surrounding Cities and ...
    B'nai Havurah -- 6445 East Ohio Avenue Denver, Colorado - 303-388-4441 ....
    South Dakota Synagogues. Synagogue of the Hills -- 417 N. 40th Street, ...(99k)

  • cumberland jewish community (Crossville: live in, moving to ...
    Is anyone on here active in the community or aware of a Havurah ? ... Myrtle
    Beach - Conway area, York and Lancaster Counties, South Dakota, Tennessee ...(111k)

  • Project MUSE - Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal - Contributors
    ... a D.C. havurah and Jewish adult education center, and over the next decade
    ... journals including South Carolina Review, 13thMoon, South Dakota Review,
    .... edu/journals/bridges_a_jewish_feminists_journal/v013/13.2.contributors.html

  • Tennessee.html Chavurah Search site nationwide
    Tennessee.html Groups of jewish men and jewish women looking for like minded
    people ... South Carolina Chavurah · South Dakota Chavurah · Tennessee Chavurah

  • Immigrant Communities & Ethnic Minorities in the United States ...
    ... and Ethnic Persistence among Mennonites from East Freeman, South Dakota. ...
    Judaism Meaningful: Ambivalence and Tradition in a Havurah Community. ...(25k)

  • Deaths, University of Chicago Magazine, April 96
    ... helped build Hillel's library, and cofounded Hillel's first chavurah minyan.
    ... she taught in South Dakota, then joined the first faculty of Chicago's ...(24k)

  • Affiliated Congregations (A-Z) : The United Synagogue for ... ...
    Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee ...(179k)

  • International - Union of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations
    ... Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. Australia
    NSW Ambarvale. B'nai Yisrael Havurah (Nazarene Yisraelite Synagogue (UONYC) ....
    Huntly(1 hr South). Joint meeting with outreach to ethnic Maori Messianic group
    (3.5 hrs North) every ... Website: ...(24k)


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